Implemented projects

till 2011 Promotion of biodiversity-friendly farming
till 2009 Protection of Emys orbicularis and amphibians in the North European lowlands (NELEAP) LIFE Project No. LIFE05NAT/LT/000094 (2005 - 2009)
till 2008 Driving Responsible Forest Management and Curbing Illegal Activities in the Forest Sector
till 2006 Black Stork protection
till 2005 Group certification for private forest owners in Lithuania
National Grassland Inventory in Lithuania
till 2004 Baltic Sea Regional Project
Conservation of Rusne island
Conservation of two Aquila Eagles species in Lithuania
Management and Restoration of Peatlands in Lithuania
Promoting sustainable development in the Curonian lagoon
Site Identification for Natura 2000 Priority List and Shadow List of Sites in Lithuania
Strengthening Capacity for Agri-environmental Programming and Implementation in Lithuania
till 2003 AGENDA 2007: Integration of Polish Environmental and Consumer Organisations into the Discussion about the Reform of the European Agricultural Policy Agenda 2007
Impact of the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) on Protected Areas in chosen EU – Accession Countries
Restoration of the Puscia bog
till 2002 Emerald Ecological Network Pilot Study in Lithuania
Nature Watch
Protection of Nests of Birds of Pray and Valuable Forest Habitats
till 2001 Establishment of an Ecological Network in Lithuania
Promotion of Sustainable Use of Natural Resources in Municipalities of the Curoniam Lagoon Region
Protection of Rusne Island
Restoration of the Puscia Bog
Transfer of European Knowledge from the Area of Nature Management to Lithuanian Nature Protection Institutions and Environmental Non-governmental Organisations
till 2000 Peatland Conservation in Central and East Europe
Preparation of the Agri - environmental Program for Lithuania
till 1999 Preparation of the Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan for the Curonian Lagoon Region
Scorecards of the Forest Sector in Lithuania
Sustainable Farming in Lithuania
till 1997 Conservation and Management of Lithuanian Wetlands
till 1994 Biodiversity and Conservation Values of the Lithuanian Coastal Zone Hard Bottom Areas (the Baltic Sea)
Biodiversity and Conservation Values on Former Soviet Military Areas in Lithuania