Previous Publications

FSC Chain-of-Custody sertification (in Lithuanian)

Tadas Kastanauskas, published by the LFN at "Daigai" in 2005

This brochure is meant for wood-processing companies that are deliberating or have already decided to be certified according to the FSC criteria. The publication describes the certification procedure and standard requirements for the supply, storage, and production of raw materials and forest products.

Visiting Forests (in Lithuania)

Edmundas Greimas, Rūta Vaičiūnaitė, 1993, published by LGF.

The publication includes information on the use and protection of forest wealth (mushrooms, berries), addresses the general public. Funded by the private company Varengrybas.

Larks Above the Military Areas (in Lithuania)

Selemonas Paltanavičius, 1994, published by LGF.

The publication includes the results of a survey of the former Soviet military grounds, short descriptions of natural values within 9 military areas. It is addressed to the general public. Funded by WWF Denmark.

Our Little Trips (in Lithuania)

Selemonas Paltanavičius, 1995, published by LGF.

This publication includes a description of short natural trips by a young naturalist. Published by LGF with support of Coalition Clean Baltic (CCB).

The World I Behold (in Lithuania)

Selemonas Paltanavičius, 1995, published by LGF.

The publication includes general environmental information and addresses young naturalists. Published with support of Coalition Clean Baltic (CCB).

Sanctuaries for Dormouse (in Lithuania)

Rimvydas Juškaitis, Vidmantas Malinauskas, Deivis Dementavičius, 1997, published by LGF, Kaišiadorių savivaldybė.

The publication includes information about dormouse and theriological nature reserves in Kaisiadorys district. It was funded by the Kaisiadorys municipality.

Mires, their Role and Protection (in Lithuania)

Rūta Vaičiūnaitė, Ričardas Baubinas, 1998, published by LGF, Lietuvos geografų draugija, CCB

The Publication includes collected articles about the value, use and conservation problems of mires. It addresses the general public, teachers and schoolchildren. The publication was funded by the WWF Sweden.

Rusne Island: Its Nature and People (in Lithuania)

Kazimieras Banys, 1999, published by LGF, Rusnės gamtos fondas

The book includes information about the natural values on Rusne island, its protection, population, history and culture. It addresses the general public. The publication was funded by the European Union for Coastal Conservation and Province of North Holland.

Sand Dune Plants of the Curonian Spit (in Lithuanian)

Stasė Alenskienė, 2001, published by LGF ir A. Rubavičienės IĮ

This publication about sand dune plants of the Curonian Spit is illustrated with coloured photographs and includes descriptions of the plants. The target group is teachers, schoolchildren and naturalists who are interested in the vegetation of the Curonian Spit. This book was published in Lithuanian and Russian within the framework of the Nature Watch Program.